Resolution Class (1968) SSBN Specification 

Crew :

143. To Resolution Class (1968) SSBN Ships :
Displacement : 7,500 tons surfaced, 8,400 tons dived.

Dimensions :

425ft x 33ft x 30ft
129.50m x 10.10m x 9.10m
Range : n/a

Sensors :

Type 1006 navigation radar,
Type 2001 active/passive sonar,
Type 2007 passive sonar,
Type 197 intercept sonar;
Dowty SAFS 3 FCS fire control.
After refit;
Type 2019 intercept sonar,
Type 2023 towed array sonar,
New fire control system
Armament : 16 x Polaris A3 SLBM;
6 x 21in bow torpedo tubes;
Mk20 & Mk23 anti-submarine torpedoes
Mk8 anti-ship torpedoes;
2 x SSDE decoy launchers;
After refit;
Tigerfish torpedoes,
Chevaline A3TK missiles..
Power plant : 1 x Rolls Royce PWR1 nuclear reactor, driving 2 x English Electric steam turbines producing a total of 15,000shp;
1 x Paxman diesel engine 4,000bhp;
2 x W H Allen turbo generators, of 3,400kw total output;
single shaft.

Max Speed :

20 knots surfaced, 24 knots dived.
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