Ton Class (1952) MS

The Ton Class of minesweepers were a large class of diesel powered coastal and inshore  minesweepers, totalling 119 vessels, 115 for the Royal Navy plus two each for the South African Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy.

They were all named after towns and villages whose names end on 'ton'.

They were constructed of wood and non-ferrous metals, launched from mid 1952 onwards and incorporated lessons learned in the Korean War. They were able to sweep for both moored and magnetic mines.

Many were later converted to the minehunter role with the installation of active rudders, and Type 193 sonar.

As the size of the Royal Navy reduced in the 1960's many became base ships for the Royal Navy Reserve and used to give crews valuable sea time.

They were replaced by River Class (1984) from 1984.


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