Halcyon Class (1934) SL

The Halcyon Class of Minesweeping sloops were a multi-year class of 21 fleet minesweeping sloops. (The fleet designation did not mean it operated with the Battle Fleet but that they were able to operate in deep waters and able to travel to overseas stations to conduct minesweeping work there.)

They were constructed in two groups. The first group of seven, ordered between 1932 and 1935 used reciprocating steam engines. The second group of 14, ordered in 1936 and 1937 used steam  turbine engines.

They all served in home waters, at Dunkirk, Arctic convoys and the Mediterranean.

With the shortage of convoy escorts early in WW2 they were used as convoy escorts with this work decreasing as convoy escort numbers increased.

Most Arctic convoys included Halcyon ships in their close escorts and undertook both minesweeping and anti-submarine duty.  Several served extended duty based at Soviet naval bases in Northern Russia with four being sunk.

Seagull was the first all welded hull constructed for the Royal Navy.

Gleaner, Franklin, Jason and Scott were completed as unarmed survey vessels with Sharpshooter and Seagull later converted to this role. On the outbreak of WW2 they were all armed and used in their design role.


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