Type 12 Rothesay Class 
Anti-submarine Frigates FF

In the 1950s, there was a requirement for a distant screen carrier escort. As the Whitby Class were designed for convoy and amphibious forces escort, the design was altered and became the Rothesay Class.

The torpedo tubes had been removed from all the class by the early 1960s.

All  were refitted between 1966 and 1972, beginning with Rothesay. This involved the removal of the forward Limbo, the resulting hole being plated over to make a flight-deck. The aft superstructure was converted to a hangar for a Wasp HAS1 helicopter. On top of the hangar, a quad SeaCat SAM launcher was fitted with GWS20 director.

Type 293Q radar was replaced by the Type 993 and two 20mm guns were added alongside the bridge. Corvus decoy launchers were added and the lattice mast was replaced by a plated structure. The crew was increased to 235.


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