Leander Class (1963) FF
General Purpose Frigates

Previous Type 12 Frigates were constructed to specialised designs, which although effective, were also expensive.

So the Leander's were constructed to a general purpose design, with standardised weapons and sensors. They were very successful, and produced in greater numbers than any other post WW2 design.

Batch 1 Ships
Accommodation was greatly improved (compared to Type 12's), and engines were of a new Y110 design. All were built with Variable Depth Sonar (VDS) wells, and all except Ajax, Euryalus and Galatea also received the sonar fit. All batch 1 ships were refitted with the Ikara anti-submarine rocket, which replaced the original 4.5in guns. 

Batch 2 Ships
Were built to the batch 1 design but with a different engine layout known as the Y136 design. They were refitted with 4 Exocet's, replacing the 4.5in gun. Although all were completed with a VDS well, only Cleopatra received the sonar equipment.

Batch 3 Ships
Although based on the previous ships, they had an increased beam, to improve stability and internal space. Five were refitted with Exocet and Seawolf, and all received an extra 20mm gun. The machinery was known as the Y150 design.

Scylla, Achilles, Diomede, Apollo and Ariadne were completed without a VDS well.


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