Flower Class Modified (1943) Corvette

This the second class of Corvette followed closely on from the original Flower Class (1940) design.

All modifications which were made to the earlier Corvettes were incorporated while building into the later class. 

In addition the aft 2pdr AA gun was replaced with a twin 20mm AA mounting. Also additional flare and sheer was incorporated into the forward hull to improve seaworthiness. 

All except one of the British built vessels were transferred to Dominion Navies, (4 to Canada, 4 to India, 2 to New Zealand), as the Royal Navy moved on to the larger Castle Class (1943) Corvette. The exception was HMS Balm which was cancelled.

The programme of Canadian built vessels however continued.

Overall the Flower and Modified Flower Corvettes were recognised as being a very crude and basic way of taking an Asdic Set, depth charges and a 4in gun into action. But they were the only way to quickly get hulls into the water to provide a degree of convoy escort during the critical years 1940-43. They and their crews continued to provide great service up until the end of the WW2. 

The hard won lessons were incorporated into the Castle Class (1943) Corvettes and the new larger and more capable Frigates.


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