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The two ships of the Sentinel Class (1905) were Scout Cruisers. A new type of cruiser and one of four similar types. The others were the Adventure Class (1905), Forward Class (1905), and Pathfinder Class (1905).

With the River Class destroyers, the Torpedo Boat Destroyer had become a realistic sea-going ship. Scout Cruisers were intended to act scouts for the fleet, lead torpedo attacks and back up their flotilla when attacked by enemy destroyers.

Each of the four new scout classes were designed and built by a destroyer builder, to a broad common specification, which included a shallow draught for inshore work. The Sentinels were designed by Vickers of Barrow.

Soon after completion an additional pair of 12pdrs were added. Then in 1911-12 were re-armed with 9 x 4in guns. 

By 1914 they were too slow for destroyer work, and during WW1 were used as ordinary 3rd Class Cruisers.


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