Orlando Class (1888) CC Specification 

Crew :

484. To Orlando Class (1888) CC Ships
Displacement : 5,600 tons

Dimensions :

300ft x 56ft x 22ft 6in;
(91.4m x 17.1m x 6.9m).
Range : 8,000nm at 10kts.

Armour :

Midships belt 10in - 200ft x 5ft 6in;
Full length deck 3in-2in;
bulkheads 16in.
Armament : 2 x 9.2in, 10 x 6in BL and 10 x 3pdr QF guns;
2 x 18in torpedo tubes.
Power plant : 2-shaft, coal fired steam boilers.

Max Speed :

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