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The five ships of the Modified Dido Class (1943) were anti-aircraft light cruisers. Part of the 1939 Emergency War Construction Programme.

They were originally ordered, and construction started as Dido Class (1940) ships. But construction was suspended from June to Oct-1940. While they were suspended design discussions continued while initial reports were received from the first ships of the Dido Class to go to sea.

It was decided to improve stability by deleting  Q turret, fitting of multiple AA ahead of the bridge, changes to the bridge and funnel structures and some internal arrangements in the light of war experience.

There ware also some improvements to armour protection magazines and the bridge.

The changes were such that the five ships were given a new class designation.

HMS Spartan was the only Dido Class ship to be sunk by air attack when she was hit by a German HS293 glider bomb.

The other four ships of her class survived WW2 and continued in service after the war. The last, HMS Royalist, until 1966.


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