Honour - 'Chevrette' 1801

Date - 22-July
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description This boat service action took place in Camaret Bay near Brest.

The French ship Chevrette (20-gun) had moored close under shore batteries and was considered secure from attack by British ships. In addition she took on board soldiers to augment her crew, bringing the total number of defenders to 339.

Boats from Beaulieu, Robust, Uranie and Ville de Paris, a total of 15 boats with about 280 aboard attacked about 0100hrs and under fire from both the ship and shore boarded. Then despite being heavily outnumbered  managed to cut the anchor cable and several sails. A light offshore breeze had sprung up and the ship began drifting out of the Bay. With this some Frenchmen leapt overboard and others left the decks to go below leaving the boarders in possession of the quarterdeck and forecastle.

The ship continued to move out from shore while under heavy fire from the shore batteries, but soon moved out of range. Another six boats then joined and the ship taken.

Chevrette lost 92 killed and 62 wounded, the British 11 killed, 57 wounded and one missing.


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Beaulieu  Doris  Robust  Uranie  Ville de Paris 
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