Honour - 'Chesapeake' 1813

Date - 01-June
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - War of 1812; 1812-15

Description The action took place just off Boston.

Following a series of inconclusive engagements between British and American frigates, Captain Philip Broke of HMS Shannon (38-gun) challenged Captain Lawrence of the USS Chesapeake (36-gun) to a single battle.

The challenge was accepted and the two ships engaged.

Fire was opened at1750hrs and after a battle lasting 11 minutes the two ships came together. Fire ceased, the Chesapeake was boarded and after a fight lasting four minutes was taken.

Shannon lost 24 killed and 59 wounded out of 330 on board. Chesapeake lost 47 killed and 99 wounded out of 386 on board.


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