HMS Queen Mary (1913) BC

This the only HMS Queen Mary was one of three Lion Class battlecruisers.

Built by palmer Shipbuilders, laid down in Mar-1911, launched 20-Mar-1912 and completed in Sep-1913.

She served with the 1st Battlecruiser Squadron for all her short career from 1913-1916.

In action at Heligoland Bight she suffered no damage. But at Jutland she was engaged by both Seydlitz and Derflinger at about 15,000yards range. At this range armoured protection was need against incoming plunging fire, unfortunately a feature which was weak in this class. She was hit forward which caused a large explosion, shortly followed by a second explosion amidships. She rolled over rapidly and sank with large loss of life.

Won the Battle Honours: Heligoland 1914 and Jutland 1916.


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