HMS Indomitable (1908) BC  (1st)

This HMS Indomitable  the first to carry the name was one of the three Invincible Class (1908) battlecruisers built. They were the first of a completely new type of ship.

She was built by Vickers Armstrong,  laid down Mar-1906, launched 16-Mar-1907 and completed Jun-1908.

Following her commissioning she took HRH Prince George to the Canadian Tercentenary Celebrations.

After this she served with the Home Fleet, mainly as Rear Admiral Flagship 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron until 1912.

In early 1913 she joined the 1st Battle Cruiser Squadron and late in 1913 went to the Mediterranean to join the 2ns Battle Cruiser Squadron.

At the start of WW! she took part in the hunt for the Goeben and Breslau, followed by the Dardanelles blockade. 

In early 1915 she returned home for a short refit, then joined the Battle Cruiser force in the Grand Fleet. She took part in the Dogger bank action of 24-Jan-1915, after which she towed HMS Lion home.

During the Battle of Jutland on 31-May-1916, she was part of the 3rd Battle Cruiser Squadron and survived undamaged. After this she joined the 2nd Battle Cruiser Squadron for the remainder of the war.

She went into Reserve in 1919.

Sold 01-Dec-1921 for breaking up.

Won the Battle Honours: Dogger Bank 1915 and Jutland 1916.


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