HMS Fiji (1940) CC  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Fiji was the name ship of a class of eight cruisers.

Built by John Brown shipyard on the Clyde, laid down 30-Mar-1938, launched 31-May-1939, and commissioned 05-May-1940.

On completion joined the Home Fleet then on 31-Aug-1940 left the Clyde to take part in the attack on Dakar, Operation Menace. But on 01-Sep was hit and damaged by a torpedo fired from U-32 and had to return for repairs which took six months.

Mar-1940 was on patrol duty in the Denmark Strait but failed to intercept the returning German ship Admiral Scheer.

Apr-1940 was with Force H, blockading Brest then continued on with Force H to escort an operation to fly reinforcing fighters to Malta.

Escort work for Malta convoys, continued, before going on to take part in the Crete campaign. Where on 22-May-1941 after using up all her anti-aircraft ammunition she was bombed and sunk.

Won the Battle Honour: Crete 1941.


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