Vanguard Class (1993) Submarines SSBN Specification 

Crew :

Two Crews Port & Starboard;
Each of 141.
To Vanguard Class (1993) SSBN Ships :
Displacement : 15,900 Tons (Dived)

Dimensions :

490ft x 42ft x 33ft
149.30m x 12.80m x 10.10m
Range : Limited by Food Carried and Crew Endurance.
Armament: 16 x Trident II D5 SLBM (7,460 miles/12,000km range)
4 x 21in Bow Torpedo Tubes
Tigerfish and Spearfish Torpedoes
SubHarpoon Cruise Missiles
2 x SSDE Decoy Launchers
Sensors: Type 1007 Navigation Sonar
Type 2054 Sonar
Type 2043 Active/passive Sonar
Type 2046 Towed Array Sonar
Racal UAP Mk 3 ESM
Dowty SAFS 3 FCS Fire Control
Power plant : One Rolls Royce PWR2 Nuclear Reactor, driving two GEC steam turbines producing 27,500 shp,
2 x Paxman Diesels of 1350 bhp,.
2 x W H Allen Turbo Generators.

Max Speed :

20 knots surfaced, 25 knots dived.
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