Roman Bibliography





The following sources were used in researching the  Roman Naval aspects of the Roman invasion, conquest and ongoing naval presence in Britain. They are of course not exhaustive but for anyone interested in more detail about Roman Britain or it's Navy I hope the list is helpful.

Books :

Caesar's Invasion of Britain
by peter Beresford Ellis 1994

The Roman Invasion of Britain 
by John Peddie 2005

Imperial Roman Naval Forces 
by Raffaele D'Amato 2009

Roman Britain 
by Peter Salway 1981

Roman Britain
Outpost of the Empire
by H H Scullard 1979

Roman Britain and The Roman Navy
by David J P Mason 2003

Roman Invasions of Britain 
by David Grange 2005

Roman Invasion of Britain, The 
by Graham Webster 1993


Web Sources

Roman Britain Organisation - www.roman-britain.org



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