Caesars Raid 55BC - Timing





Following the defeat of the Veneti in 56BC Caesar had to defeat the Morin and Menapii tribes who controlled the territory around the Strait of Dover. Also the German tribes invaded across the Rhine and these had to be repelled.

By the time this was done and the situation stabilised it was late in the campaigning season of 55BC. But Caesar decided it was worth mounting a reconnaissance in strength to help in planning a full invasion the following year.

His army had already moved into the Morini territory and he ordered ships from nearby regions to rendezvous with the Fleet which had defeated the Veneti.

While this was being completed a single warship under the command of the Tribune Caius Volsenus was sent to scout the nearby British coastline. This took five days and while he reconnoitred the coast from Hythe to Sandwich he did not identify the harbour at Richborough.

Caesar then waited for suitable weather and so did not set sail until late in the evening of 24-August.



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