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The invasion was originally intended to launch early summer in late May when local grain stocks were low, so in comparison with 55BC a larger proportion of transports carried the increased supplies needed to cover the early invasion period until the harvest was ready to be gathered in. The expedition also needed transport to carry sufficient supplies to cover any winter shortfall because during the September to April period sailing virtually stopped and the expedition would be cut off from reserve supplies in Gaul.

However unrest with Gallic tribes broke out which took until late June to quell. This meant the invasion did not begin until early July when favourable winds allowed a go decision to be made.

So, on 6th July 54BC the transports began loading at Boulogne, ready to make the crossing that night and arrive off the British coast at dawn on 07-July. However the wind dropped and strong tides took the fleet further north east than planned towards the North Sea. This meant oars had to be used next morning  to pull to the north west and reach the planned invasion beaches by noon on 07-July.  


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