Black Swan Class (1939) Sloop Specification 

Crew :

190 approx. To Black Swan Class (1939) SL Ships :
Displacement : 1,250 tons, Group 1;
1,300 tons Group 2.

Dimensions :

283ft x 37ft 6in x 8ft 6in.
Range : 4,500nm @ 12kts..

Sensors :

Surface and Air radar fitted during WW2 to first group, and fitted as built to the second group.
Armament : Typical:
First Group
6 x 4in AA guns;
4 x 2pdr AA guns.

Second Group
6 x 4in AA guns;
10 x 2pdr AA guns;

Power plant : Oil Fuel fired steam powered geared turbines;
twin shafts;
400 tons oil fuel.

Max Speed :

Note: During WW2 changes were made to the guns carried and additional depth charges and anti submarine mortars were accommodated.
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