Honour - GUADALCANAL 1942-43

Date - August-1942 / February-1943
Type - Campaign Awards
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The award took place around the Island of Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands Group, north east of Australia.

The island was taken by the Japanese in 1941-42 and marked the southern limit of the Japanese advance. The US 1st Marine Division landed on the island on 07-August-1942 to retake it.

The Japanese troops were reinforced and supplied by Japanese naval units from Rabaul, which sailed regularly between the Eastern and Western Solomon Islands through the area which became known as the slot.. These were opposed by principally US naval units and British Empire support was confined to a small number of Australian and New Zealand units.

The conflict continued until Feb-1943 before the Japanese troops on the island of Guadalcanal were defeated and the few which remained withdrawn.

During this period several naval battles were fought, and so many ships were sunk that the area between Guadalcanal and Florida island received the nickname 'Iron Bottom Sound'.


HM Ships
Achilles (42-43) Arunta (42-43)  Australia (42-43)  Canberra 42  Hobart (42-43) 
Kiwi (42-43)  Moa (42-43)  Tui (42-43)     
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