Honour - AZORES 1591

Date - 31-August/01-September
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - War with Spain; 1588-96

Description The action was fought between an English squadron of seven ships (Revenge - flagship, Defiance, Nonpareil, Bonaventure, Lion, Foresight and Crane) under Lord Thomas Howard and a superior Spanish squadron..

The English ships had waited near Flores, in the North-West of the Azores for several weeks in the hope of surprising a Spanish treasure fleet.

Then on 31-Aug, they were caught at anchor by the Spanish squadron. With the exception of Revenge, the English ships engaged in a running fight and escaped in the darkness. Revenge stayed to fight it out, and the battle lasted for about 15 hours. During this, Revenge sank two Spanish ships, but by daylight on 01-Sep she had been dismasted, all upper works shot away and 6ft of water in the hold. About 40 of her crew were dead and many more severely injured, so she struck her colours.

Two days later  Howard died of his wounds and during a storm, Revenge foundered.


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