Honour - 'Tirpitz' 1943

Date - 22-September
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The action took place in Altenfjord in Northern Norway.

From their anchorage in Altenfjord, German heavy naval units were a constant threat to Allied Russian convoys.

Six X-craft midget submarines were sent to attack the battleships Tirpitz and Scharnhorst, moored in Altenfjord. X5,6,7,8,9, and10

Two were lost in passage to northern Norway (X8 and 9) and the remaining four began their attack.

X10 abandoned its attack, returned to the rendezvous point and was towed back to Scotland.

The fate of X5 is unclear, but is believed sunk by a direct hit from one of Tirpitz 4" guns. In 2004 a saddle charged was found near the reported site of the attack.

X6 and 7 dropped their charges under Tirpitz, but were unable to escape, were abandoned and their crews captured. When the charges exploded Tirpitz was heavily damaged.


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