Honour - 'Sibylle' 1794

Date - 17-June
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War: 1893-1803

Description The action took place in Mykonos harbour in the Aegean.

While escorting a convoy of four merchantmen from Naples to Smyrna sighted a French frigate in Mykonos harbour accompanied by three merchantmen.

After instructing her convoy to join HMS Inconstant, Leda and Tartar which were just visible in the far distance, Romney closed with the Sibylle and called for her surrender. This was refused and the two ships engaged at 1300hrs. The battle lasted 1 hour and ten minutes when Sibylle struck her colours. Romney also captured the three French merchantmen which Sibylle was escorting.

Sibylle lost 46 killed and 112 wounded out of 380 aboard. Romney lost 8 killed and 30 wounded out of 266 aboard.


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