Honour - 'Santa Dorotea' 1798

Date - 15 July
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803


The action took place on a heading of 101 about 100 miles (29 leagues) from Cartagena.

HMS Lion encountered four Spanish frigates Pomona, Proserpine, Santa Cazilda and Santa Dorotea which formed line-of-battle. However Lion obtained the weather gage and was able to control the battle. She managed to cut out the Santa Dorotea, the rearmost ship. Despite three attacks from the other three Spaniards, was able to continue to attack the Santa Dorotea.

The three other Spanish ships then headed away from the battle and Santa Dorotea struck her colours having lost 20 killed and 32 wounded out of 371 on board. She was later commissioned into the Royal Navy under with her name unchanged.

Lion lost one wounded..


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