Honour - 'Piedmontaise' 1808

Date - 08-March
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place south of Cape Comorin, India.

About 1130hrs on 04-March HMS St. Fiorenzo while on passage from Ceylon to Bombay passed near to three East India Company ships en route from Bombay to Colombo, Ceylon. Shortly after this she sighted the French ship Piedmontaise moving to intercept the merchantmen.

The Frenchman sailed away, and St. Fiorenzo gave chase and at 2340hrs a 10 minute exchange of fire took place before the Piedmontaise sailed out of range.

By 0805hrs the following morning another 10 minute action began and again the Piedmontaise was able to sail out of range.

The next morning at daylight on 08-March St. Fiorenzo again sighted the Piedmontaise. At 1600hrs another engagement began and at 1749hrs the Frenchman struck her colours.

Over the three days Piedmontaise lost 48 killed and 112 wounded out of a crew of 366 plus 200 Lascars aboard. St. Fiorenzo lost 13 killed and 25 wounded. 


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