Honour - 'Lynx' 1807

Date - 21-January
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description This Boat Service action took place about 10 miles east of la Guairį, Venezuela.

At daybreak HMS Galatea sighted a mast-head to the south east. By noon the ship was seen to be a French brig, but with Galatea nearly becalmed the French Lynx still with a light breeze was leaving Galatea was being left behind.

At just after 1400hrs with the Lynx almost at the horizon six boats with 75 aboard were launched in pursuit.

By 2050hrs the boats were close alongside Lynx and the first of three attempts to board were made against heavy resistance. However the British succeeded in boarding and after a severe fight took the Frenchman.

Lynx lost 14 killed and 20 wounded out of 161. The British force lost 9 killed and 22 wounded.


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