Honour - 'Gamo' 1801

Date - 06 May
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1802

Description The action took place about 15 miles south-west of Barcelona.

At daylight in light winds HMS Speedy sighted much larger Spanish ship Gamo (32-gun) heading towards her.

The battle started at 0900hrs, and after 45 minutes boarded the Spaniard with about 40 men out of her crew of 54. Gamo had about 319 aboard and were giving a hard time to the British boarders. Then Speedy's commander as a ruse, called for another 50 to board the Spaniard when no more than three remained on board. On hearing the call for British reinforcements the Gamo surrendered.

Gamo lost 13 killed and 41 wounded out of 319 aboard. Speedy lost 3 killed and 8 wounded out of 54 aboard.


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