Honour - 'Furieuse' 1809

Date - 06 July
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place about 700 miles east by south (about 157) from Cape Race, Newfoundland at 43 41' N, 34E.

At 1500hrs on 05-July while on passage from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Quebec, HMS Bonne Citoyenne sighted to the west-south-west,  a large frigate taking possession of a British merchant ship and gave chase.

The frigate was the French Furieuse which abandoned the merchantman and set off the the north.

At sunset the two ships were 5 miles apart and during the night Bonne Citoyenne lost sight of her prey. But at 0300hrs she caught sight of the Frenchman which was now much farther away than before.  By 0400hrs the distance between the two ships had been reduce to about 10 miles, and at 0925hrs the British ship was along side and opened fire.

After 6hours 50 minutes Furieuse had fired more than 70 broadsides and Bonne Citoyenne more than 129. Both ships had their masts and rigging badly damaged and Bonne Citoyenne was nearly out of gunpowder and got ready to board. Then at 1816hrs Furieuse struck her colours.

Furieuse lost 35 killed and 37 badly wounded out of about 213 on  board.

Bonne Citoyenne lost 1 killed and 5 badly wounded.


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