Honour - 'Foudroyant' 1758

Date - 28-February
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Seven Years War; 1756-63

Description The action took place near Cartagena, Spain.

The new French ship-of-the-line, Foudroyant was on her way to Cartagena when she was intercepted and engaged by HMS Monmouth. The action began at 2000 hrs and by midnight Foudroyant had lost 100 killed and 90 wounded and was so badly damaged she had almost ceased firing.

By this time HMS's Swiftsure and Hampshire had come up and when Swiftsure engaged, Foudroyant surrendered.

Monmouth was also badly damaged, had her captain killed, had no usable boats left, and so could not take possession of her prize. Foudroyant was later repaired and commissioned into the Royal Navy, serving with distinction.


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