Honour - 'Etoile' 1814

Date - 27 March
Type - Single Ship & Boat Service Actions 
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15 

Description The Action took place off Nez de Cherbourg.

The previous day, having encountered two French frigates, about 41 miles north west of the Isles de Bas, with fog clearing, Hebrus was ordered to give chase to the Etoile. The chase lasted 15 and a half hours and at 0145 hours fire was opened. At 0400 hrs Etoile ceased firing and struck her colours. Almost immediately after taking possession of the prize, both ships had to head to sea to both avoid grounding and get away from fire of a shore battery.

Etoile was heavily damaged having about 4ft of water in her hold and lost 40 killed and 73 wounded out of 327 on board. Hebrus lost 13 killed and 25 wounded out of 284 on board.


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