Honour - 'Droits de L'Homme' 1797

Date - 13-January 
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description The action took place near Quimper in Audierne Bay.

HMS Indefatigable and Amazon engaged the French Droits de L'Homme (74) inward bound from Bantry Bay in Ireland.

It began about 17:30 hrs in heavy weather which reduced the Frenchman's ability to use her lower deck guns. The action continued with two suspensions to repair battle damage for 13 hours. By this time land was close by which caused all three ships to end the engagement and try to haul off to seaward. Indefatigable having lost 19 wounded out of a crew of 330. Amazon lost 3 killed and 15 wounded out of 260. Droits de L'Homme lost 103 crew and soldiers killed and 150 crew and solders wounded out of a total of 1350 crew and soldiers on board.

Indefatigable managed to pass to seaward of the Penmarch Rocks by about of a mile but both Droits de L'Homme and Amazon were wrecked with heavy loss of life.


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