Honour - 'Clorinde' 1814

Date - 25-February
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place about 180 miles south west of Ushant at 47 40'N 9 30'W.

The French ship Clorinde was on her way to Brest when she was sighted by the frigate HMS Eurotas which gave chase about 1400hrs. At 1645hrs Eurotas opened fire. By 1910hrs Eurotas had been dismasted and was unmanageable, with Clorinde having lost most of her masts was almost unmanageable but was able to set the remains of two sails. This allowed Clorinde to move to the south east out of gun-shot.

During the night Eurotas managed to jury rig some sails from boats masts and set out slowly in pursuit of the Frenchman which was about eight miles away and still trying to clear the wreck of her main and mizzen masts.

About noon two sail were sighted being HMS Dryad and Achates. Dryad closed and fired one shot into Clorinde which then surrendered with Clorinde about four or five miles away and Achates a similar distance.

Clorinde lost 20 killed and 40 severely wounded out of 344 aboard, Eurotas lost 21 killed and 39 wounded out of 329 aboard.


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