Honour - 'Boscaline Bay' 1813

Date - 22 April
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place in Boscaline Bay, Split (Now Croatia).

HMS Weazle chased and attacked a French convoy in the Bay.

The action began at 0600 hrs and with 10 French gunboats anchored in a line about a mile from shore. By 1000hrs three French gunboats had struck their colours, two had been driven ashore and one had sunk. Another four French gunboats arrived and anchored outside of Weazel, forcing her to engage on both sides. The action continued until 1830 hrs when both sides ceased firing. Although Weazel was severely damaged, after dark her boats destroyed four gunboats which had struck, plus another eight ships in the convoy. They then warped their ship out from the shore.

At daybreak the next morning Weazel was about a mile from shore and was again attacked by the remaining gunboats. By 1300 hrs the wind dropped and left Weazel becalmed. The gunboats had sufficient breeze to slowly escape but Weazel was unable to follow.

Weazel lost 5 killed and 25 wounded.


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