Honour - 'Badere Zaffer' 1808

Date - 06-July
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions 
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place of the Dardanelles.

By the Peace of Tilsit there was an understanding that no Turkish warships would enter the Aegean or exact tribute from any Greek inhabited islands. However some pirates based on the islands of Dromo and Saraguino had been exacting tribute from vessels bound for Constantinople. 

Believing that no British warships were in the Aegean, Turkey sent two warships the Badere Zaffer and the corvette Alis Fezan despite being advised that Turkish warships exiting the Dardanelles would be repelled by force.

At 2130hrs HMS Seahorse hailed the Badere Zaffer and demanded her surrender. This was refused and an action began. At 0115hrs with the Turkish vessel having been silenced for some time and despite still refusing to surrender, the Seahorse drew off and waited for daylight. At daylight the action continued and Badere Zaffer being in a sinking condition struck her colours against the orders of her captain.

Badere Zaffer lost 170 killed and 200 wounded, many of whom later died. Seahorse lost 5 killed and 10 wounded out of 251 aboard.


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