Honour - 'Argus' 1813

Date - 14-August
Type - Single Ship or Boat Service Actions
Conflict - War of 1812

Description The action took place in the St. Georges Channel, about 15 miles west of St. Davids Head, Pembrokeshire.

The American brig USS Argus had been overpowering and setting fire to merchant ships in the St. Georges channel when at 0445hrs on 14-August at 52 15'N 5 50'W she was sighted by HMS Pelican. Argus had just separated from her latest victim and was steering towards other merchant vessels.

Pelican closed and at 0600hrs both ships opened fire. Within about 25 minutes damage to rigging had made the Argus unmanageable. Then at 0645hrs she was boarded and taken.

Argus lost 6 killed and 18 wounded out of 125 aboard. Pelican lost 1 killed and 5 wounded out of 113 aboard..


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